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Atom Gunn has desired for years to see a distinct vision of his come to fruition. While researching through the archives at the Andy Warhol Museum, he came across an incredible image of the exhibition, American Supermarket, a 1964 gallery show featuring six prominent pop artists of the time. Since then it has been his dream to incorporate this idea into an homage to the artists that have most influenced his life and works. Gunn has created more than 100 pieces that fill the gallery and create a supermarket atmosphere.

While growing up in the midwest, Atom Gunn was inspired and influenced by the sights and sounds of pop culture. Graduating from college with a degree in commercial art, he turned his knowledge of advertising into creating distinctive works of pop art. Gunn, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, is a pop artist working in many varied areas of design: painting, photography, stage, graphic and props.

Gunn worked for nearly a decade with the Andy Warhol Museum doing exhibition, graphic and product design. He also worked on stage, both as an actor and set designer and on film sets as a scenic artist. Additionally, he has realized his 3-d visions by constructing large scale props and has for many years been involved with Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats.

So, by “popular” demand, Atom Gunn presents his latest exhibition!

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